DCP-01 ARTEMIS compressor boost

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Based on Caline Pressure tank CompressorCP-47+ CP-97 Villain boost
Compressor Side: This is a natural sounding compressor, that will do it all from chickin' pickin' squish to power chord and solo boosting and leveling. 

Boost side: your gain need a bit of extra grit and push in volume, this boost is what you need. Starting at 2db, our boost makes it easy to get that "special touch" tone. Our pedal offers 2db to +20dB of wicked boost for tone shaping. One knob control: +2db,+4db,+8db,+12db,+16db,+20db
Description: The Artemis Compressed Boost- The hunt is on. By popular demand we placed our best compressor unit with our customers favorite boost,The Recluse. The result ...The Artemis! Compress away or expand your tone with ease. Tonehunters take aim.