Caline CP-72 Bass Wah/Vol 2 in 1
update time : 2020-03-09 17:45


Caline CP-72 Bass Wah/Volume Effect Pedal
The Wah/Vol pedal delivers both an excellent Wah response along with a Volume function, all within a small compact pedal perfect for your pedalboard. It's very compact and much shorter than a standard Wah or Volume pedal . It doesn't take long to get the feel, It's incredibly easy to manipulate to get the exact wah tones you want. 
Press the footswitch to activate the volume mode and the pedal functions like a standard volume pedal. It can be used in either clean or gain settings. 
Mian Features: 
1. Wah Wah mode and Volume mode 2-in-1. 
2. The tune of Wah is based on the original Crybaby response. 
3. Active volume mode without loss of tone. 
1. True Bypass design,with aluminium alloy casing
2. Power Requirement: 9V DC center negative
3. Current consumption: 30mA
4. Product Dimensions: 13.5x7.0x5.5cm
5. Weight:0.35kg
Caline CP-72 Bass Wah/VolCaline CP-72 Bass Wah/VolCaline CP-72 Bass Wah/VolCaline CP-72 Bass Wah/Vol