CP-47 "Pressure Tank" Compressor
update time : 2020-12-25 14:16
Caline The CP-47 "Pressure Tank" Compressor

The CP-47 "Pressure Tank" Compressor is a compressor-limiter that allows you to set the maximum output level.  
The pedal attenuates loud signals and raises soft signals without changing the tone character.  
Will give the sound of "clean" guitar an expressive percussive character and ennoble the solo with a lingering sustain.
 There are controls for level, tone and compression for adjustment.
 The Comp knob adjusts the amount of compression and allows you to preserve dynamics in the game.  
Enjoy professional studio sound from the comfort of your home with this pedal!


True Bypass design, with aluminum alloy casing
1. Power Requirements: AC adapter 9V DC Center Negative
2. Current consumption: 26 mA
3. Product Dimensions:11.2x6.4x3.4cm
4. Weight: 0.23kg